Spiral wrapping films

Spiral wrapping stretchfilm: endless packaging possibilities

These products are our greatest passion.

Due to 20 years of experience in packaging industry and our own production we are extraordinarily efficient.

Innovative developments in the production of stretch films as well as new raw materials enable the production of better film qualities. Even packaging that has been tried and tested for years can be optimised even further. Unfortunately, this potential is rarely exploited. Challenge us – we will be happy to support you and test innovative qualities on site in order to optimize the packaging of your products.

Improved packaging properties can often be achieved without higher costs by using the latest generation of film qualities.Stretchfolien Schmalrollen

The challenges and possibilities in determining the optimum film quality are many and varied.

We design special properties of films tailor made to your requirements. For example slip-resistant outer sides for maximum transport safety during transportation.

But complete opposite is also possible – smooth or super-smooth outer sides. These simplify the smooth handling of the packaged products on the conveyor paths of your production plant or even during transportation.

Coloured or printed spiral wrapping is possible as well as equipping stretch films with UV stabilisers, absorbers or special solutions such as VCI batches.

We will be happy to support you to define the optimum spiral wrapping quality for your horizontal winder. During a test appointment we will be happy to present different film qualities and test them directly on your system. A reduction in film consumption is often possible, while the properties of the packaging are significantly improved to secure and protect your product.

Challenge us – we are sure to show you interesting possibilities!