PE films

Optimised PE film: Less packaging material with improved packaging.

PE (polyethylene) films are used for packaging a wide variety of goods. Whether as wrapping film for timber mills, large laundries or for profile manufacturers – as shrink film for the tyre industry, paper mills or for surface finishers. The areas of application are almost inexhaustible.

PE-Folie mit perfekter Rollenwicklung

PE film with perfect roll winding

There is also a wide range of formats and shapes, such as narrow rolls, flat film, tubular film – with and without side gussets, as bags, sacks or bonnets – there are almost endless possibilities for the production of PE film.

Innovative developments in the production of PE film on the film extruders, as well as innovative raw materials and new film formulations enables us to produce significantly improved film qualities.

Challenge us – we will be happy to advise you and test innovative qualities of the latest generation of PE film with you. Material savings as well as cost savings are feasible in most cases.

If you have a special problem with the packaging of your goods with PE film, we will be happy to take care of it. Whether it’s a reduction in packaging costs through new PE film qualities, very high transparency for barcode readers or additives to prevent scratching of plastic surfaces – innovative raw material qualities and production facilities of the latest generation are resulting in ever better solutions for special packaging challenges.

Super-slippery surfaces, UV stabilisers, colouring or printing – the list of special solutions is long and can be extended to suit your area of application.
Take advantage of our experience and let us discuss optimising your PE packaging. We will be happy to find the perfect PE film for your packaging machine or optimise your current bags, sacks, bonnets or wrapping film qualities.

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