Timber Industry

We individually coordinate the properties of our films for the wood industry with our customers. Whether UV-stabilized, coloured, printed, or optimized films with recycled content for a significant CO2 reduction. We will be happy to sample our solutions for Si and NSi woods, single beam packaging, or stepped packages directly at your packaging system. 

Surface finishing

Our films protect your surfaces. With special film surfaces and additives, our films prevent scratching and corroding of your materials and enable easy handling during transport from your production to the destination. 

Tyres & wheels

Simple and safe handling of your tires and wheels, as well as smooth transport via parcel services and freight forwarders, can be easily implemented with our films for the tire industry. Easy loading and unloading of tire packages from swap bodies, trouble-free handling in the hub logistics of the parcel service is a matter of course with our tire films.  

Steel industry

Optimum protection of your surfaces against corrosion and scratching is what distinguishes our films for the steel industry. Whether with or without VCI protection, printed or in a special format – we tailor our products individually to the needs of our customers.


The sustainable solution for your packaging needs! No matter which products you fix on your trays – you only need one film quality for all formats. With PCR content (Post Consumer Recycling), or our V11 special material also with enormous CO2 reduction. Learn more about our eco-friendly packaging solutions and how they can support your business.


Our challenge is to optimize load safety while reducing packaging costs and improving the environmental footprint at the same time. We offer tailor-made solutions that not only securely fix your load, but also reduce your packaging costs. With recycled films as an option, you can also reduce your CO2 footprint in addition to cost savings.

Are you missing? We are waiting!

We are happy to take on new challenges! If you have special requirements for your packaging or are dissatisfied with your current (film) packaging, we look forward to hearing from you!